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We offer 4 different tours that allows everyone to enjoy their day and have fun. Learn more about the tours and choose the one that fits best with your skill level.

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Backcountry Tour

Backcountry Tour

"The backcountry" is our home, we invented it. We have a ton of different tours available. Flowy trails, fast and tech trails all far away from the crowd!

Our guide will take you around our huge playground with our Land Rover Defender and make sure you will be riding the best trails in the area.

We also love taking care of our clients and we always try having lunch breaks in private locations where you can experience the real Italian family experience 🤌🏻

From 6 to 10 runs per day (based on the fitness and riding level of the group)

Up to 4000 vertical meters down per day

Some pedalling required (5 mins on average before or after each run)

Mix of flowy and technical trails

Special lunch spots (lunch not included in the price)

More than 50 trails to play with - several days of pure fun guaranteed

Price: 80€ per person per day

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Executive Classic Tour

The best selection of trails you can dream of in Finale Ligure. From Nato Base, to Roller Coaster and all the famous EWS runs.

With our shuttle we will be happy to guide you around the best trails and make sure you get the maximum of vertical you can!

Good music and typical lunch spots are always on the menu.

*Lunch is not included in the price.

From 6 to 12 runs per day (based on the fitness and riding level of the group)

Up to 4000 vertical meters down per day

Pretty much no pedalling required

Price: 70€ per person per day

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Executive Classic Tour
Exclusive backcountry tour

Exclusive Backcountry Tour

This is a tour created for the riders who are looking for a really long wild day.

We will guide you in our most secret areas looking for the longest and wildest trails. you will start in Finale but you will end up somewhere else (trust us).

The fitness and skill level needs to be from Medium to Advanced.

Our shuttle will be supporting us, but get ready to pedal a bit. Some portage might be needed as well, but it's definitely worth it!

Long day out from early in the morning till late afternoon

From 4 to 7 runs per day

Up to 5000 vertical meters down per day

Some pedalling/portage required (up to 20/30 mins)

Long natural runs in wild environment

Price: 120€ per person per day

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E-Bike Tours

Our guides will guide you around the best e-bike trails of the Finale Ligure Area.

We love riding with our e-bikes and explore all the nice trails (not only downhill but also uphill).

With the E-EWS events of the last few years we discovered many new trails and we can have big days out!

Full day

Distance between 35 and 50km

Gain: between 700 and 2000 vertical meters

Drop: between 700 and 2000

E-Bike specifically-built trails (both up and down)

Special lunch spots (lunch not included in the price)

Possibility of adding single uplifts (therefore extra vertical meters up and down - (15€ per lift)

Price: 60€ per person per day

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E bike tour

Your frequently asked questions, answered.

Everything you need to know about our adventure packages, payment, itinerary and more. Can’t find what you are looking for?

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How to organise a trip in Finale Ligure

If you need someone to organise your trip in Finale Ligure you are in the right spot.

Not only we offer a shuttle service with the coolest Jeep in the valley, but we also can provide you with the best accommodations, restaurants and, obviously, guiding services.

If you’re looking for a cozy stay in the nature you can stay in our B&B in the middle of the mountains.

Where to sleep in Finale Ligure?

In order to have the best riding days in Finale Ligure you definitely need to be able to have the best MTB accommodation.

We have a lot of friends and we have different perfect accommodations for MTB riders... as you can imagine we do only consider spots with a proper bike storage and washing facilities.

Do not hesitate to send us an email with your needs! We'll be able to help you out!

If you really want to book directly here you will find our favourites accommodations:

B&B del Cantoniere basically we're inviting to stay in our home! We live in the middle of the forest next to the beginning of the Roller Coaster trail.

If you want to be in the middle of the nature and relax this is by far the best place you can choose.

We have 2 small apartments with wi-fi and you'll have the beautiful breakfast served in our Osteria (next door).

Our b&b is sponsored by Cannondale and you will have available all the tools and products you want/need to take care of your bike.

If you prefer to stay closer to the sea we can suggest to stay at Erasmo B&B.

This place is owned by Oddone Bike Shop and you'll be able to have your bike serviced and drink the good beers that their bar has to offer.

We also have agreements with many other hotels and accommodations so just let us know and we'll be happy to organise it for your group!

Where to eat in Finale Ligure?

After a long day of Jeep Shuttling in Finale Ligure you need to start looking for the best restaurants in town!

Our MTB Guides will be able to provide you with the latest infos about newest restaurants and new openings, but here you will find our selection of the best restaurants in Finale Ligure and its surroundings:

Osteria del Cantoniere: Amazing food in the middle of the forest. Cozy place where everything is handmade by Maurizio, our chef. This Osteria is small and it is situated at the top of the mountain (close to the beginning of Roller Coaster trail). Don't miss the Panna Cotta!

Grotesque: If you come to Finale Ligure you need to have dinner (or lunch if you're lazy and you're not biking!) in this amazing restaurant in Finale Ligure. The cozy restaurant is a couple of hundreds meter far from the main square and it is often pretty packed... you want to reserve well in time! Talk to Simo (the owner) and ask for some special drinks at the end of the dinner... you won't be disappointed!

Sotto il Santo: this restaurant is probably the best pasta place in the whole region and it is situated in the main square of Finalborgo. It is a tiny place but it has a lot of space outside, in the middle of the square! In here pasta is a sort of religion, you can't miss it!

Where to have Aperitivo in Finale Ligure?

After a day spent freeriding in Finale Ligure with our MTB Jeep Shuttle there is only one thing you'll be looking for: your well deserved aperitivo!

Maybe you’re not the best biker in Finale in the world but DEFINITELY you deserve a beer after riding your bike for the whole day! People are coming for Finale also for the amazing aperitivo. You could have some good wine, some crafted beer or some Spritz, here you will find a list of our favorite spots for the aperitivo:

Caviglia Bar, is one of our favorite bars to have Aperitivo in Finale Ligure. Bar Caviglia is situated in the main square of Finale Ligure and you can sit outside in the sun while drinking your beer or spritz.

Oddone Bike Caffé, is one of our favorite aperitivo's spot as well. It is situated in Finale Ligure and it is also a Bike Shop. Once you're in there you'll be able to have your biked fixed, to buy your favorite t-shirt or new helmet... while drinking a good beer from the cool selection of Andrea, owner of the Bar. You definitely won't be disappointed!

Antico Pozzo: Depending on the when you come to visit us in Finale Ligure you might prefer to stay in the medieval village of Finalborgo instead of staying closer to the beach in Finale Ligure. In this case do not worry, we got your back covered... we can suggest the Antico Pozzo bar in front of the church of the medieval village! You'll be drinking your aperitivo in one of the coolest historical places in Italy.

Where is the best Gelato in Finale Ligure?

We know that shredding flowy trails in the Finale Outdoor Resort and our secret backcountry spots can be exhausting... This is why - on top of beers and spritz - we need to have back some sugars and we eat A LOT OF GELATO!

As you can understand we are ice cream addicted so we will know exactly when and where to stop during our long days of freeriding and shuttling.

Our favorite Gelato Places are:

Bar Centrale in Finalborgo: is the main bar in the medieval village and you will often have to queue in order to have your gelato... but we think that it is always worth waiting for their gelato!

Pastorino Gelateria: This gelateria is in Calice Ligure and it is just a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

La Gelateria Yogurt: this gelateria is actually in Varigotti (5km from Finale Ligure) so you might think that it is a little bit far... well, did you ever consider that DH Man, probably the most iconic trail of Finale Ligure (last stage of every Enduro World Series appointment in Finale) ends right there?

How to arrive in Finale Ligure?

You can arrive via plane (best airports are Nice in France and Genova in Italy), via car and via train. Having a car in Finale Ligure is a plus but not something needed... you're going to have your bike anyway! Let us know how you're planning to come here and we will help you out!

Can we Fly to Finale?

Yes, you can fly near Finale (either Nice or Genova are ok). Genova is closer (around 45 mins by car) and around 1h with the train. Nice is a little bit more far but it is a bigger airport with more flights. We offer a service of pick-up from the airports, just send us an email and we'll organise the pick up for you and your friends!

What bike do I need for Finale Ligure?

Finale Ligure is the Enduro Mecca, so an Enduro Bike is the best you can have. As you will have understood we are MTB free riders.

We like riding trails where we are sure we won't meet other riders and we are not afraid of pedaling a little bit or even carry the bike on our shoulders - so don't come with the heaviest bike you have!

Since most of our tours (except for the Classic Day) require some pedaling it is better not to have a DH bike. But if you want to ride your DH bike just let us know and we’ll try to adjust our plans accordingly.

We normally ride our Cannondale Bikes (either Jekyll or Habit).

What if I break my bike while in Finale Ligure? Where can I have it fixed?

We are partners with the best shops and mechanics in town. Normally we work with Oddone Bici and Ultimate Bike Shop. We can also rent bikes from these shops in case you need one.

What if I break my bike while riding?

Our guides are really good mechanics, but in case your bike is not immediately fixable we kindly request our drivers to rent a bike for you so you won’t miss your riding day! We'll do our best to let you ride!

What is a typical riding day with BackCountry Finale?

We normally start at around 9am (or slightly before or slightly after depending on the hangover) and then we go up in the mountains. Normally we can stop and have a good Italian coffee in the middle of the morning and then a good lunch (around 10€, max 15€). We will be back in Finale at around 5/6pm depending on the period of the year and then we will have a good aperitivo all together in Finale or on the beach.

What Helmet do I need for Finale Ligure?

We always recommend the use of the full face helmet: we know, sometimes it can be annoying pedaling with a full face, but it is so nice to wear a full face when you fall! We also suggest you to have a back protector. Gloves and kneepads are compulsory.

How’s the weather in Finale Ligure?

Normally the weather in Finale Ligure is good. We are in Italy! By the way you never know what kind of weather and temperatures you're going to find. The best months to ride your bike in Finale Ligure are normally from February to June and from September to December.

During the summer it is pretty hot, if you want to ride during these months you want to take a look at the transligurian trip... we would be riding often over 1500mt and the temperatures would be just perfect.

Obviously it depends a lot on the seasons, but we have been riding during Christmas holidays with just a t-shirt on and we had some mornings in June where we were lucky to have our down jackets with us!

Always remember that we’re riding through forests and mountains (even more than 1000mt) so a backpack with a warm jacket and something dry to keep in the jeep is always a good idea!

Nightlife in Finale Ligure

After a day spent riding your bike on our secret trails with one of our MTB Guides you will have to go in Finalborgo or Finale Ligure to have one of the best Aperitivo you ever had. After a nice dinner and a gelato you need to start looking for some music and drinks.

If Finalborgo and its bars are our choice for dinner and immediately after, the main square of Finale Ligure becomes the most important place where to go in order to find good music and good drinks or beers. You can choose between Caffé Caviglia (our choice), San Pedro and Van Gogh.

These bars are all in the main square, are open all year long and they'll make you happy! If the days spent riding the wild side of Finale haven't been enough for you and you still have many energies left, you might want to explore the main clubs around Finale Ligure.

In Finale Ligure you won't be able to find anything interesting dancing-wise, but here you will have a list of the main clubs in the cities nearby:

Sirio Beach & Restaurant, located in Sportorno - you want to go there on thursdays starting from the beginning of June. You can stay on the beach or dance next to it.

Essaouira, in Albenga, is a nice club, partially open air.

The last one is in Alassio and is called Le Vele. It is pretty common to find good DJs and more techno/house music here.

Have fun, enjoy the nightlife of Finale Ligure but remember that we're waiting for you on the trails the day after! 🙂

Are Kids Welcome?

Of course they are! Backcountry Finale is a kid friendly MTB Shuttle Company! We like shredding our flowy trails with every kind of MTB Rider, especially the youngest ones!

Our guides are all Certified MTB Guides, they will not only be able to guide you around the best trails in Finale Ligure but they'll also be able to teach you some tricks so that your riding will be better and smoother. And this applies to all the member of the family!

It is important to know beforehand whether you're going to have your kid with you because we will have to organise the group(s) accordingly.

We're experienced guides and we know the best trails for the kids and if we're told in time we'll make sure the whole family is going to enjoy the day out riding!
We want to see everyone happy at the end of the day!

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