Morocco 2023 - Bike & Surf

Towards the end of summer 2022, Filippo and Ale began dreaming up a surfing adventure. While Ale rode the waves with ease, Filippo was still finding his sea legs. After weighing their options, Morocco emerged as the perfect blend of travel convenience and epic waves.

But Filippo had bigger plans. He stumbled upon a gem near Marrakech where they could dive into the Atlas Mountains—an experience that left them in awe.

Imlil and Marrakech

Fast forward to 2023, fueled by the unforgettable memories of 2022, Ale, Filippo, and Gregory rallied the entire BackcountryFinale Family for an eEnduro and Surf escapade in November.

Departing ahead of the pack, Greg, Ale, and Filippo wrapped up their exploration of Imlil, eager to reunite with Lahcen and the MTB Morocco crew, who had become like family.

Their days were spent carving trails, scouting lines, and sampling local delicacies. When the rest of the crew arrived, they relished in mountain bliss, soaking in panoramic views and savoring delicious meals on the go.

Thanks to Lahcen’s hospitality, they seamlessly transitioned to Marrakech, where they dove headfirst into the city's vibrant nightlife.

Imsouane and Essaouira

After a night of revelry, it was time to catch some waves! With Lahcen's guidance, they headed to Imsouane, settling into Peak House Imsouane for a week of surfing, relaxation, and laughter.

Their time in Imsouane was a blur of wave-riding, mouth-watering meals, and warm camaraderie. But as they bid farewell, news of unexpected devastation in the village cast a shadow over their hearts.

We love Morocco - shame on Italy!

Our trips to Morocco have always been unforgettable. Feeling grateful for the experiences, we wanted to share the hospitality we received by inviting ou Moroccan friends to our home, Finale Ligure.However, trying to plan the MTB Morocco team's visit in 2023 hit a roadblock.

Dealing with paperwork and red tape made it almost impossible to get the necessary documents for their trip to Italy. This frustrating situation highlights the unfairness in the world. We are really disappointed by this, but we’re not giving up. We really want to make things right and are looking forward to trying again in 2024 to bring the MTB Morocco team in Finale to shred our trails with us.

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