Biking Bliss in the Dolomites: Fede and Pippo's Summer Getaway

Picture this: It's mid-August, and Fede and Pippo are on the loose in the mesmerizing Dolomites, ready for some two-wheeled action. Their mission? To gear up for the grand showdown with none other than Nathan Haas and KASK in early September. But first, they needed to embrace the spirit of adventure in one of the most stunning places on Earth.

The Cool Part of the Journey

Fede was coming off a collarbone injury, so this journey was about rediscovering the thrill of biking. The weather was on their side, so they hatched a plan to explore the jaw-dropping Pale di San Martino. Starting from Passo Valles, they meandered their way down to Val Venegia, climbed up to Baita Segantini, and then cruised down to the charming San Martino di Castrozza.

Their next move was a gondola ride up to Rosetta, where they stopped at Rifugio Rosetta for a quick snack before embracing an almost 2000-meter vertical descent to Gares. Picture this: riding on what felt like the moon at the high altipiano, followed by a heart-pounding descent through steep, forested trails that led to Gares. Of course, there was a mandatory snack pit stop, complete with a cake that dreams are made of.

Watch our adventure's video here:

The Shitty Idea Part of the Journey

Here's where backcountry style took the reins. Instead of taking the easy road to Canale d'Agordo, they decided to veer left and explore a wild col, adding an extra 800 vertical meters uphill. That's when things took an unexpected turn. As Pippo powered his way up the col, he suddenly got hit with cramps and let out screams that echoed through the Dolomites. Forcella Stia was a true battle for him.

But the real challenge lay in the descent. The trail was not for the faint of heart – it was steep, exposed, and more rugged than a rock concert mosh pit. Progress was slower than a snail's Sunday stroll, and time slipped away faster than a mountain stream.

Safe back home - almost in time

Ultimately, they missed the last lift from Falcade up to Passo Valles. Thankfully, salvation came in the form of a friend – Enrychris (Enrico Veronese) and his girlfriend, Bradi. They swooped in to save the day.

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