Backcountry Finale's Epic Weekend in Morzine: Kicking Off the Summer Season in Style!

Summer had just begun, and the Backcountry Finale team was ready to hit the trails and celebrate the opening of the lifts in Morzine, France. What followed was a thrilling weekend filled with riding, partying, and a lot of fun.

The Adventure Begins

More than 30 enthusiastic members of the Backcountry Finale team embarked on a journey to Morzine for an unforgettable long weekend. This adventure was made possible thanks to the collaboration with our sponsor, Fizik, and it served as the perfect kick-off for the summer season.

Riding in Paradise

For three action-packed days, we explored the magnificent trails of Pleney and Super Morzine. From the sweeping berms of Super Morzine to the secret, super-steep trails hidden within Pleney, Morzine is a riding paradise. 

A Night to Remember:

Our adventure wasn't just about hitting the trails; it was also an opportunity to strengthen our partnerships. Together with the best shop in town, The Woods Morzine, we organized a memorable party... we basically occupied the famous rue du Bourg! The night was filled with music (amazing DJ!), laughter, and the joy of being part of the mountain biking community.

Scars :-)

While our trip was mostly about fun and celebration, it wasn't without its challenges. As with any adventure, there were a few bumps along the way. Fede and Jack ended up breaking their collarbones during our escapades.

Sometimes it's magic, sometimes it's tragic! 

Our long weekend in Morzine was nothing short of epic. It symbolized the essence of mountain biking – adventure, camaraderie, and the joy of riding in a different playground. As we look back on this memorable trip, we're not only grateful for the stunning landscapes and adrenaline rushes but also for the friendships and partnerships that continue to thrive within the Backcountry Finale community.

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