Exclusive Classic Tour

You don’t even remember when was the last time you rode in Finale Ligure? Or is it your 1st time?

Do you want to ride for a couple of days the most famous trails at Nato Base with your friends? Do you want to use only your DH Bike and make sure you get the maximum of vertical you can?

Do you want to try and destroy your bike on the Madonna della Guardia trail? Do you want to ride the switchbacks of Toboga di Canova? Or you want to try and be the fastest on Rollercoaster starting from Din? If this is what you’re looking for stop browsing and send us an email, you’re in the right spot.

On top of our Backcountry services that are described in the following sections we also can guide you around the most famous trails in Finale Ligure. Do you know all the names of the trails? Well, we do!

Our Finale Ligure Shuttle service can be done with a normal van or with our super jeep, it depends if you want to ride in the classic side of the Finale Outdoor Resort or if you want to do some Backcountry as well!

Our guides for the Finale Ligure classic tours are MTB Certified Guides and are true locals (or they’ve been living there for a loong time!).

For the classic Shuttle Service in Finale Ligure we can normally accommodate a group up to 7 people; but if you are a very big group and you let us know in advance we can handle way bigger groups. In these cases we tend to split the group in smaller groups based on riding levels so that you can all have fun!

70 € person/day
Finale Classic Day