Frequently Asked Questions


How to organise a trip in Finale Ligure

If you need someone to organise your trip in Finale Ligure you are in the right spot. Not only we offer a shuttle service with the coolest Jeep in the valley, but we also can provide you with the best accommodations, restaurants and, obviously, guiding services. If you’re looking for a cozy stay in the nature you can stay in our B&B in the middle of the mountains. You will be at Colle del Melogno but you’ll be able to see the sea from our terrace. 20 mins drive and you will be down in Finalborgo with all the shops you need. If you prefer to stay in the Finale Ligure city center (20 meters from the beach and the main square!) you can talk to our friends of Erasmo B&B! These are just the main suggestions but we can help you with every kind of accomodation! Just ask and we’ll be able to help you out!


Where to sleep in Finale Ligure?

As we said we can suggest several places. You could sleep at B&B del Cantoniere if you want to be in the middle of the nature and forest or at the Erasmo B&B if you want to be next to the sea. We also have agreement with many other hotels and accommodations so just let us know! ▪️ ▪️


Where to eat in Finale Ligure?

It is hard to not eat good food in Finale Ligure, but we have some places that we love and we would like to bring you there so that you can try the best Italian food: Osteria del Cantoniere, amazing food in the middle of the forest. Cozy place, everything is hand made. Pomella Restaurant, typical Italian food in Finale Ligure. Sotto il Santo restaurant, probably the best pasta place in the whole region, it is situated in the main square of Finalborgo. PepeNero, best Pizza in town!


Where to have Aperitivo in Finale Ligure?

Maybe you’re not the best biker in the world but DEFINITELY you deserve a beer after riding your bike for the whole day! People are coming for Finale also for the amazing aperitivo. You could have some good wine, some crafted beer or some Spritz, here you will find a list of our favorite spots for the aperitivo: Bagni Italia, a bar litterally on the beach there is nothing better than drinking a beer with your feet on the beach. Caviglia Bar, in the main square of Finale Ligure next to San Pedro. If you prefer to stay in Finalborgo our favorite place is the Antico Pozzo, best food and drinks in town.


Where is the best Gelato in Finale Ligure?

We are ice cream addicted so we will know exactly when and where to stop during our long days of peddling and shuttling. Our favorite places are: Bar Centrale in Finalborgo, Carlin Gelateria (main square of Finale Ligure) and “La Gelateria Yogurt” in Varigotti. These are our choices for the best Gelato in town!


How to arrive in Finale Ligure?

You can arrive via plane (best airports are Nice in France and Genova in Italy), via car and via train. Let us know how you're planning to come here and we'll help you out!


Can we Fly to Finale?

Yes, you can fly near Finale (either Nice or Genova are ok) and we can pick you and your bike up if you need to!


What bike do I need for Finale Ligure?

Finale Ligure is the Enduro Mecca, so an Enduro Bike is the best you can have. Since most of our tours (except for the Classic Day) require some pedaling it is better not to have a DH bike. But if you want to ride your DH bike just let us know and we’ll try to adjust our plans accordingly.


What if I break my bike while in Finale Ligure? Where can I have it fixed?

We are partners with the best shops and mechanics in town. Normally we work with Oddone Bici and Ultimate Bike Shop. We can also rent bikes from these shops in case you need one. ▪️ ▪️


What if I break my bike while riding?

Our guides are really good mechanics, but in case your bike is not immediately fixable we kindly request our drivers to rent a bike for you so you won’t miss your riding day! We'll do our best to let you ride!


What is a typical riding day with BackCountry Finale?

We normally start at around 9am (or slightly before or slightly after depending on the hangover) and then we go up in the mountains. Normally we can stop and have a good Italian coffee in the middle of the morning and then a good lunch (around 10€, max 15€). We will be back in Finale at around 5/6pm depending on the period of the year and then we will have a good aperitivo all together in Finale or on the beach.


What Helmet do I need for Finale Ligure?

We always recommend the use of the full face helmet: we know, sometimes it can be annoying pedaling with a full face, but it is sooo nice to wear a full face when you fall! We also suggest you to have a back protector. Gloves and kneepads are compulsory.


How’s the weather in Finale Ligure?

When you come to Finale riding your bike you never know what kind of weather and temperatures you will find. During the summer is pretty hot (30 degrees and more) but during spring and fall it can be pretty hot and cold during the same day. Always remember that we’re riding through forests and mountains (even more than 1000mt) so a backpack with a warm jacket and something dry to keep in the jeep is always a good idea.