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We know how to make you to have fun

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Finale Ligure back country is a pearl!

About Us

This is Our Team

Alessandro Merlini
Alessandro is a 44 years old born and bred local who is very proud of the area where he lives. Part time dad, waiter at the Osteria next door, carpenter/constructor, MTB Official Guide… He is always ready to show you the best, may it be hidden trails or food. Alessandro is a rider in love with nature and the mountains. With this passion he found out about freeriding with all it’s aspects from mountain biking to snowboarding and skiing powder!! He probably knows every stone and turn by heart and he is eager to share his experience with everyone willing to share his passion
Luca Martini
Luca, 32 years old, born and raised in Finale Ligure, lives in the amazing hills around Finale Ligure in summer and fall while during winter and spring you will spot him in Chamonix Mont Blanc. He loves his mountains and steep skiing. He re-discovered his passion for Mountain Bike some years ago and since 2013 he has been riding his Enduro Bike. In 2019 he became an Official MTB Guide and he always tries to share his passion for this sport and the nature around it. He participated to 3 EWS stages and he's ready to let you guys have fun!
Filippo Gualtieri
Filippo, 31 years old, is the master of bookings… if your emails are not answered that’s him the one to blame! As the rest of the Team he’s based in Chamonix during the winter trying to find some untracked snow behind Luca and Ale! It’s easier to see him behind a computer than on his bike!
Sandra Boerner
Sandra, 31 years old. The german may not be a true local but living now 4 years in finale and speaking flulently italian, she got pretty much full integrated by the locals. She spends her winters in the mountains for some skiing and loves her job as a guide in finale during the rest of the year. She might seem a bit quiet when you meet her first but just give her a bit of time and she will show you how to have fun on the bike or at the bar.

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